Murex Energy

A landowner friendly renewable energy company

Developing a Hydro-electric site

Hydro-electric power requires small burns and rivers with a high head or fast flow throughout the year. Murex is developing 100 kW hydro-electric schemes on sites leased from landowners for 20 years for a generous annual return. Hydro schemes do not remove water from the burn and the visual impact will be of a small pond/ reservoir in the hill side.

Site requirements:

Water flow/ head
River/ burn: requires a high head or strong flow - please contact us for more detailed information

Site quality
Requires no significant landscape or habitat degradation on the site.

Grid Connection
Requires a nearby 11kV or 33kV national grid connection.

Murex Energy may use one of a number of different turbines on its sites and therefore the images on this website only represent one turbine model that may be used.